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Values Statement

Northwest United Soccer Club (NUSC) believes in developing players’ individual skills, team concepts, and passion for the game at the highest possible level. 

To achieve this goal the club is committed to:
  1. Developing players’ sense fair play and sportsmanship;
  2. Registering teams to play at competitive levels appropriate for their age and experience;
  3. Placing players on appropriate teams by age and skill level;
  4. Developing a core of players on the same team over consecutive seasons;
  5. Maximizing playing time for each player by limiting rosters, with twelve players as the ideal target for U9-U11 and eighteen for U12 and above;
  6. Giving priority to players who commit to the fall and spring seasons of a given year,and to NUSC over consecutive years; and
  7. Minimizing the range of ability on a team.